Kiran Foundation is a non-profit organization, which started off as a small initiative in 2006 by Sabina Khatri who drew her inspiration from Motherhood. The Foundation provides transformational education and holistic support in marginalized communities. Rooted in the belief of humanitarian values, the importance of mental health and wellbeing of self and others. We educate children and empower the mothers in a way that is truly nurturing for the whole family unit.

We derive our philosophy from mother’s love. We believe that the transformation of a nation happens with cultivating character while the child is still in the mother's lap.

We work through a multi-tier framework, which emphasizes the importance of prevention and intervention for mental health and emotional support. Our team, partners and volunteers work closely with teachers and parents to ensure student’s wellbeing, safety and success through a collaborative framework.

Kiran is a gift from a mother’s heart to another.

We are embedded in the reality of Lyari; a region that has been through immense pain and turmoil, but is resilient and largely misunderstood. We nurture mothers and caregivers, along with their children, and build safe and happy spaces where they can heal from their pain, discover their strengths and flourish together.

Schools are a microcosm of the society; when children are taught empathy and care from a young age, they grow up to make their community more compassionate. It is our goal to reimagine education as a journey towards freedom, safety, and happiness – ensuring a community of visionary thinkers and kind leaders.

“My aim is to restore society’s belief on love”

“Mein Mohabbat Peh Imaan Bahaal Karna Chahti Hoon.”

Sabina Khatri


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Kiran Flagship Program

Since 2006
AIM: Bridge the Gap

A one of a kind educational parenting model that empowers the children and their caregivers through consistent long-term financial, academic, social and emotional support. It starts with our unique Ibtedai program which is a mother and child trauma informed preparatory preschool program further leading to admissions at reputable schools all the way to university. This program aims to bridge the socioeconomic gap through providing equal educational and networking opportunities to the students in mainstream private schools. They take the positive and soft image of Lyari out into the bigger world and bring back hope to Lyari. They perform the task of being the Ambassadors of Change. They lead their community through breaking barriers and create diverse networks for growth and progress.

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Kiran School System

Since 2014
AIM: Creating Safe & Happy Schools

Kiran School System (KSS) is an expansion of the mother-child trauma informed preschool system which we had practiced almost a decade at our flagship Ibtedai program. Here we aim to create a safe and happy, child-centric learning environment on a whole school level. This model goes beyond the idea of conventional education from Foundation to Grade 10, where children learn through a multi-disciplinary, experiential learning approach. Children are given the support they need to thrive and reach their full potential, recognizing their individual strengths. We nurture future ambassadors of change who believe in love and compassion, and who lead their community towards a brighter, more peaceful future. Mother’s education program is compulsory and runs parallel.

20 toddlers get enrolled with mothers in Ibtedai preparatory school

135 students in high-end reputable schools

700 students studying at our government adopted school

Our alumni studying at reputable colleges & universities

Our Unique Initiatives

We go beyond the ideas of conventional education and incorporate elements that make our work more holistic.

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within the months of DCTO
being adopted by Kiran Foundation

Schools are
microcosms of society.

When children are taught compassion and care from a young age, they grow up to make the society more compassionate.

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