Board of Directors

In the boardroom, Sabina Khatri is a gentle, but fierce woman in a man’s world.

She is intuitive and far-sighted, constantly trying to thread together the short-term happenings with the long-term vision, and ensuring that not only does the organization sustain itself, but that Kiran outlives her and is preserved as a legacy in its purest form.

Sabina Khatri

Founder & Chairperson
Kiran Foundation

Abida has done a lot of philanthropic work for various educational institutions and is an active member of the fundraising team at Kiran.

Having worked in the primary school faculty at St. Micheal’s, and working in teams at Crescent School in Korangi and DHA Girls school afternoon program, her experience and knowledge are of great value.

Abida Gareeb


Being the kind and gentle soul that he is, Dr. Saeed patiently guides the board with the ocean of knowledge and experience he carries. Besides being a renowned Pediatrician, Dr. Saeed Ismail has extensive experience in community health and development.

He is one of the founding members of HANDS (Health and Nutrition Development Society), and has worked extensively in rural Sindh with organizations like Baanhn Beli.

Dr. Saeed Ismail

Vice Chairman

Mr. Syed Ghazanfar Agha, a finance veteran with 30+ years in wholesale banking, including leadership roles at Citibank, Standard Chartered, and Samba Bank. Chief Compliance Officer at Samba Bank, he’s also a renowned speaker, sports enthusiast, and car collector. Pride of Pakistan awardee for Banking and Motor Sports. Exceptional asset for any organization.

Mr. Syed Ghazanfar Agha

She is a Remedial Therapist by profession with experience on teaching and multi-sensory education for children with learning difficulties. She worked for over 23 years at READ institute and also serves as board member at Pakistan Centre for Autism since 2012. Currently she is associated with ThinkMatic, an institute, she co-founded in 2016, a multidisciplinary organization for child and adults.

Samia has been working with Kiran since 2008. She has treasured working at Kiran in various capacities but her most profound experience is working with the mothers.

Samia Mujtaba


She is a designer who runs her own clothing brand from home. A mother of three, she has been associated with Kiran since it’s beginning when it was a small idea. She supports the founder at every level.
Nosheen has played a key role in fund raising for Kiran foundation and takes pride in owning it.

Nausheen Zaid

Nausheen & Shazia

Shazya is an extremely passionate and determined individual who believes in getting things done before the day ends.
She is a home-based entrepreneur and runs two businesses from home. One of clothes and the other of deserts.
Shazya has been with Kiran Foundation since its inception and is a stalwart at fundraising.

Shazya Diwan

Sanna has over 23 years of experience in corporate and academic sectors of Pakistan, Kuwait and the US with a life long commitment towards Community Service.

As Adjunct Faculty of Community Service at Szabist, Sanna spearheaded and mentored various student led projects that have had long lasting impact on the community.

Since her move to Pakistan in 2013, it has been her focus to work with various organizations in areas of education, gender equality, health and financial inclusion. She has been associated with Kiran Foundation in various capacities, currently she serves as the Joint Secretary on the Board.
Sanna is also the Assistant Director HR, Communication and administration at a leading private school in Karachi.

Sanna Tahir

He is associated with Kiran Foundation for quite some time as a Volunteer and General Body Member. He loves to assist the foundation in any capacity or manner.

Professionally, he is a business graduate having sub specializations in Information Systems and Marketing Management, has extensive experience in Solutions Consulting and Systems Integration Services primarily focusing on Emerging Technologies, Digital Business Platforms and Business Model Innovations along with Power Generation Consulting Services providing full EPC support (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) involving; Hybrid Systems, Fossil Fuel Generators, Hydro Turbines and Solar Power.

Anwar Mujtaba

Director Consulting,
Trans Indus Consulting Services

Waqas has seen Kiran grow right from its inception stage and has stood by it since. He brings in his experience from a strong corporate background.

He also serves on the management committee of Red Crescent, and on the board of Ittehad Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd. He is a certified Director from SSCP.

Waqas Khatri

Ittehad Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd.

Ms. Seema Qadri, with 25 years of experience in the education field, brings valuable expertise and dedication to her role. Having worked with CSS and currently volunteering as the Academic Expert for the Kiran School System, she is committed to empowering students and improving educational systems. Her contributions make her an invaluable asset to our Board of Directors.

Seema Qadri


Dr. Jamil is an Oncologist based in Newark, Delaware, and is the President of Kiran Foundation USA Chapter.

He has been a steady supporter of Kiran’s vision and philosophy from the early days and still believes strongly in the power of the original model of Kiran Ambassador Program, and wishes to see more children bridging the societal gap and getting into top-tier universities.

Dr. Jamil Khatri

Oncologist, USA