Volunteer With Us

This is soul-work. Share your time and skills with us, and see how the experience leaves you feeling enriched from within,
in ways you did not imagine.

Start an Afterschool Club

as part of Beyond the School

Astronomy, dance, theatre, music, basketball – the possibilities with BTS are endless. Just bring in your thing!

Organise a

As a non-profit, we must always think about sustaining the life-changing work we do. You can help take some of that burden off our shoulders.

Have a bake sale. Organize an event. Bring your creative and fun ideas into action!

Teach a
Mother’s Class

as part of our Nafeesa School

Life-skills, gardening, ESL, yoga, music, entrepreneurship, art, etc. It could be anything!

*Choose your own schedule!


All children deserve the world, but most don’t get many opportunities. From career-counselling and exciting excursions to creating positive experiences for our students – play the role of an older sibling
in a child’s life.

Conduct a

Teach a skill, talk about a topic you feel passionately about, or bring your own idea!

Work with children, mothers
and teachers.

Drop Everything
And Read (DEAR)

Delve into the magical world of storybooks with a child and help them develop a love for reading.

Two hours, once a week.

Make a Documentary on Our Work

The work we do is magical. We need someone to document it before it gets lost!

Become a
WOW Speaker

Do you have a personal story of courage, resilience and inspiration to share? WOW (Words of Wisdom) Sessions are weekly talks that give our students real life role models to look up to.

Blog for Us!

Write for us, write about us. Poetry, articles, blogs; give us your words!

Do a Photojournalism Project

Cover the powerful stories of children, mothers, and community members.

Become a Kiran Representative in
Your University

You can become a champion for our cause, help spread our message, and help us find more volunteers.

Have a unique idea? Share with us.

We’re always on a look-out for passionate people with a dynamic set of skills and fresh, quirky ideas to join our team of changemakers and magic-weavers! Join us, and fall in love with what you do.

Join Us


Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Road,
Nawabad, Block-A,
Street No.10, UC-3,
Lyari Town, Karachi,





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I met Sabina Khatri in 2007/8 when she visited READ and informed us about Kiran School. This encounter struck the right cord and I decided to visit Kiran School in Lyari. I met the most beautiful, sparkly eyed children, devoted parents and dedicated teachers. I was inspired with their hard work and determination. It did not take much time for me to decide and offer my services as a volunteer. Looking back, I feel fortunate enough to have worked with Sabina and the entire team. They have taught me more than I have taught them; in short it was an eye opener. Sabina has provided exemplary training not only to the teachers but more importantly to the parents and children as well. Lyari, as we all know is a place which is feared by most due to the gang wars, gun running and drug pedaling but Sabina is a woman of substance from heaven, the ANGEL who I admire the most, as she stood her ground and made education possible for the children of Lyari through Kiran School System (KSS). I am delighted and proud of my association with Kiran Foundation.

Lyari say Yaari Humari!!!

Samia Mujtaba