Community Outreach

Kiran Foundation’s work expands into the community through its welfare support programs and community-based projects. The problems we face in society are multi-faceted and complex. Poverty adds to the existing trauma, crippling one’s ability to recover. We work with the larger community through various projects and by providing financial, social, medical, and emotional support to families in need.

Community Welfare

Family Support

With families affected by severe multi-layered trauma and poverty, Kiran provides financial support for ration, house-rent and/or other necessities.

Medical Support

In the time of urgent need, Kiran facilitates people to get the necessary treatment which may be unaffordable.

Education Support / Scholorship Fund

Kiran supports deserving students, particularly girls, in their journey to attain higher education, by providing financial aid and scholarships.

Community Projects

Bachatt Bazaar

The Bachat Bazaar is a marketplace for the Kiran Ambassador families. Friends and donors provide various products, that are then sold at 25% discounted prices. It happens once every three months.

All proceeds from the sales are spent on a cause chosen by the mothers themselves.

At the heart of Bachatt Bazaar is the concept of “Paying it Forward”.

We Collect Everyday Items

With the help of our friends, we collect everyday items that the families of students cannot buy otherwise

Families Buy at Discounted Rates

Families of Kiran students buy these items for 25% of market rates

Proceedings go to Charity

All proceedings from the Bachatt Bazaar go to a charitable cause that the mothers decide

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, mothers are encouraged to set up home-made food stalls to initiate financial independence.

Lyaari Say Yaari

Led by our longest-serving volunteer, Irfan Khatri, Lyari Say Yaari engages youngsters in the community,
of ages 15-30 years, in meaningful activities.

LSY brings a strong army of volunteers who are ever-ready to help out and play their part.
They make things happen like magic!

Alumni Development and Career Guidance

LSY ensures that the the KSS Alumni stay connected with the school and continue to learn, by arranging weekend workshops regularly.

Social Citizenship and Volunteering

LSY organizes events aimed to spread awareness about rights and responsibilities, and mobilizes the youth to address problems faced by the community.

Youth Leaders & Entrepreneurship

LSY has organized several conferences for the youth of Lyari, aimed towards honing talents and skills, and increasing their exposure to the world.

When I came to Lyari I had no idea I would become a permanent member of Kiran Foundation. Kiran has been in my life for more than a decade now. It has made me see the positive side in every difficult situation and I’m proud of my association with the foundation.

Irfan Khatri, LSY