Hadia Clubs – Beyond the School

Every child is special; a cove of potential just waiting to be tapped

Kiran Foundation’s HADIA clubs give children the opportunity to unlock their potential, explore their talents, and cultivate their strengths through a range of after-school clubs.

HADIA clubs breathes new life into the school campus that would otherwise be lifeless in the evenings. Children are seen engaged in sports, expressing themselves through various forms of arts, and learning new languages and skills, away from the toxic influences of the society and the unforgiving streets.

Star of the football team, Hadia was a girl of multiple facets – fearless yet kind, ready to meet a challenge with a spark in her eyes and yet soft spoken and quiet. Competitive and hardworking with a smile that engulfed each and everyone who made contact with her. This is the child that DCTO lost this year to stay alive in our hearts forever.

Aspiring Clubs

We believe in giving children the skill set and direction required to make them happy and successful even after they graduate. Our Aspiring Clubs especially cater to our senior students. Leaders from different fields come into mentor our students in small groups for a series of career counseling workshops and classes.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Children learn better when they are happy and well-regulated. BTS provides them with different forms of release, and enables them to explore interests and hobbies. This helps build meaningful relationships and improve wellbeing.

Kiran’s approach to education is holistic, which makes it just as important for children to acquire positive social skills as it is for them to improve academically. BTS widens the horizons and the range of possibilities available for children in their future, increasing their ability to thrive.

These are some of the BTS clubs we have
but the possibilities are endless.

football club

Journalism Club

Cricket Club


Mandarin Club

Theatre Club

Martial Arts Club

Music Club

Improv Club

Gymnastics Club

Photography Club

Art Club

Pottery Club