Kiran Flagship Program

Bridging the Gap

A one of a kind educational parenting model that empowers the children and their caregivers through consistent long-term financial, academic, social and emotional support. It starts with our unique Ibtedai program which is a mother and child trauma informed preparatory preschool program further leading to admissions at reputable schools all the way to university. This program aims to bridge the socioeconomic gap through providing equal educational and networking opportunities to the students in mainstream private schools. They take the positive and soft image of Lyari out into the bigger world and bring back hope to Lyari. They perform the task of being the Ambassadors of Change. They lead their community through breaking barriers and create diverse networks for growth and progress.

Kiran Ibtedai School

Kiran Ambassador Program






Laraib Darzada

15 years

My father’s mindset was challenged by Kiran.

“At Kiran we, as a family learnt to take responsibility and most importantly, believe in ourselves. One lady who we called “Maa” Changed my life. At first, I thought she was from another world; how can we always be hopeful? How is it possible for education to change your entire life? Those were the questions I asked 8 years ago. Today, I can see it alive. Today I have hope! Today, I’m in class 10 at Habib girls’ school and I hope Lyari, my home continues to change.”

Nargis Alvi

HABIB Public School

“Sabina Khatri’s intention of starting work in Lyari to educate the children as a means for social uplift was interesting as well as inspiring. She requested that her students be considered for admission at Habib Girls’ after she had prepared them to sit for the admission test. I had my doubts but Sabina convinced me and since then a number of girls have cleared the admission test and were enrolled I feel a sense of great satisfaction when I see these young girls doing so well in every field.Their language skills are exceptional considering that they come from homes where English is not spoken at all.I congratulate Sabina for dreaming big and achieving even bigger.”

Every day, these children dare to step out of their comfort zone and challenge the expectations people have from Lyari.

Living in two different worlds is extremely challenging.

Kiran is their home, their safe space, their sanctuary.

145 children from Lyari are studying in mainstream Cambridge and
Aga Khan Board Schools, completely or partially supported by Kiran Foundation.

We promise to look after all aspects of these children’s development
till they graduate from university.

We believe this will give them the power to turn their
circumstances around and unlock the doors to a world of opportunity
that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

“Over last five years, Dawood Public School is proud to have girls from Kiran Foundation. These girls have enriched our environment with their confidence and vivacity. I have no doubt that these girls will become future leaders.’

Sabrina Dawood, CEO, Dawood Foundation

External Academic Enrichment Programs

Literary Junction

Reading Lab

LUMUN Social Responsibility Program

Little Momin


Destination Imagination


Al-Huda Institute of Islamic Education for Women

Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF)

Kiran Ambassadors Outreach Program

With the spirit to give back and contribute towards the betterment of their community, Kiran Green Society was started by 5 Kiran Ambassadors when they were 9 years old.

  • Hamza

    studying at

    Nixor College


    studying at

    Cedar College

  • Hammad

    studying at

    Habib Public
    High School

  • Javeria

    studying at

    Cedar College

  • Aqsa

    studying at

    Sceptre College

Kiran Green Society reminds us that you’re never too small to make a big difference.
They have done many different projects over the years, such as

The Kiran School System should not only be hailed for leveling the playing field and providing the same opportunities to these children that are often available to only a narrow strata of society. But, the true extent of its success can be gauged from the fact that regardless of their background, the Kiran Foundation, its founder, Sabina Khatri and her unwavering group of supporters have been able to instill in each child a confidence, self-awareness and sense of pride that is comparable with any one of our own children. In class, these children have exhibited the same enthusiasm, hard-word and creativity to fully embrace the fun-filled and thought-provoking exploration of a new subject matter each month. The kiran ambassador program and kiran foundation’s efforts are only eclipsed by the children’s own determination to use the exposure and grooming to create a tradition of success and achievement in their respective families and neighborhoods. It is the happy ending every child deserves.

Sania Adil, founder of Literary Junction (KAP external program)