Sulah Se Salamti

One of the most beautiful things for the heart is to see little children, their smiles, tears of gratitude from their loved ones with a strong hope and determination that the same poverty cycle will not be repeated in their families.
This link to empowering communities and creating a safe haven for the whole family to educate and be educated is what I call the essence of Kiran Foundation.
I am involved with Kiran and its projects for the last 6 years and Sabina has always surprised me with her creativity and high standards.
Getting a check and monetary value is one thing, but the most significant aspect is-how you transform ideas into action with that money.
In addition, working in areas where safety and lack of education and awareness was considered the norm, one can only find excuses to let the people be in their comfort zone and intervention a dire task, useless investment of time, efforts with no guaranteed outcomes.
It is Sabina and her team that believed otherwise and started with a small classroom and a tiny group of preschoolers. Later, the vision transformed into a giant DCTO school.
Kiran Foundation is a model program of hope, resilience, equal opportunity and blind passion for impact. The untiring efforts of Sabina and her team and above all faith in an area and people who were considered a challenge of magnanimous nature, but Kiran Foundation proved it loudly and bravely that we can spark light and peace amidst deep darkness, hopelessness and aggression.
Today I am humbled by what Kiran Foundation has achieved. I think Sabina makes the donors, volunteers and staff discover their best talent and purpose, and they continue to contribute their passion without any inhibitions.

Dr Dilshad Dayani
Associate Professor Columbia University
Founder- Lead 2 Empower & WWGC