Meet our team of passionate change-makers. They are living proof that when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel
like work for a single day. Work becomes love made visible.

Sabina Khatri

Founder & Chairperson

Chief Mother

Sabina is Maa – through whom it all came to life. She is like no other, yet she is like each one of us. She draws her inspiration from the institute of life itself – from the experiences of motherhood, marriage, childhood and parenting – which are relatable and relevant to everyone.

She leads with love and compassion, bringing into practice highly erudite concepts including trauma-sensitive education, adaptive leadership, ontological design through pure intuition. She is Kiran, and Kiran is inseparable from her.

Sohrab Baloch

General Manager Admin

BA, Political Science
Karachi University

Sohrab is the frontline soldier, always ready to take the brunt when things fall apart. Sohrab has been with Kiran at every step since the very beginning, celebrating every little triumph and facing every imaginable hurdle. He watches over all operations with a warm smile and a calm demeanor, guiding decisions with his simple, yet profound wisdom.

Sara Khatri

Consultant, Mental Health & Wellbeing

BA, Psychology
MSc, Clinical Psychology
University of Toronto
Leiden University

Sara developed and leads the Mental Health and Wellbeing Program, but also does everything else in between training, marketing, photography, and management. She brings in fresh ideas, young and passionate energy, and a whole lot of fun in the system.

Sara is a huge champion for self-care and for structured boundaries, but cannot really separate herself. Sara is always there for any and everyone who needs help (or a laugh), wholly and selflessly; forever the unbiased hippie counsellor at heart. She has grown with Kiran, and knows Kiran like life. She loves, and is loved by, the mothers and children immensely.

Jawad Zahid

Financial Controller

Certified in Accounting and Finance (CAF)
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

Jawad leads and manages the backbone of Kiran Foundation the Accounts Department. He is highly structured and organized, and puts order to the chaos inherent to an ever-changing and evolving organization.

Jawad is patient, calm, and kind and has been sustaining himself well in a women-led organization, setting an example for the men around!

Saima Ghani Khatri

Manager Operations, Kiran Ghar

Diploma in Homeopathy and Certification in Child Abuse from Kiran Foundation.

Saima is the Manager Operations of Kiran Ghar and takes care of the entire place like a true mother-figure. She is who we turn to when things get lost, when someone gets hurt or when we need anything at all.

She carries a Mary Poppins bag (like all mothers in the world) that hides all the things that might be needed. An excellent caretaker, she keeps everything safe and makes sure everyone is well-fed and taken care of.

Nazir Baloch

Community Stabilizer

Nazir Baloch has been with Kiran from the very beginning. He, along with the other members had started a small school as an initiative to get the children from the neighborhood off the streets.

He welcomed change and opened his doors for Sabina Khatri when she came to Lyari and continues to shelter and watch over Kiran to this day. He has always helped ensure community support, trust and transparency, even through the most turbulent times of Lyari.

Mufti Zubair Ahmed

Shariah Advisor

Dars-e-Nizami and Takhassus fil Ifta
Jamiah Darul Uloom

Mufti Zubair is a well-known Shariah Scholar in the field of Islamic banking Takaful. Mufti Zubair Ahmed has completed his Dars-e-Nizami (Masters in Quran and Sunnah) and
Takhassus fil Ifta (Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence) From Jamiah Daul Uloom Karachi.

Mufti Zubair is also associated as Shariah Research Scholar with Shariah Compliance Department of Meezan Bank Limited.

Madiha Shaikh

Manager, Kiran Flagship

BA, Biosciences

Madiha is like a ray of sunshine – always spreading warmth, brightness and smiles wherever she goes. She’s the Manager for the Kiran Flagship and a big sister to 145 children, anchoring them to Kiran and making sure they do well in their schools.

She is also pursuing a degree in Biosciences from SZABIST and is a fervent foodie.

Maryam Afzal Lakha

Human Resource Manager.

MBA, Human Resource

Maryam is a motivated and goal driven lady. She has strong work ethics, continuously striving for improvement coupled with excellent HR aptitude with an eye for detail and the commitment to offer quality work. her strong communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills make her the right candidate for management of people.

Maryam is very meticulous with her work and has the right blend of compassion and kindness. She is a great listener who is often found giving her listening ear to people around her.

Areeba Yaqoob

Secretary to Chairperson

BS (hons)
Karachi University

Areeba, officially the secretary to chairperson works in multiple areas. She came as an HR associate but due to her resilience and adaptability was promoted to the position she currently has. Alongside her position, she is also exploring her talents in the field of Designing and Marketing.

Areeba a selfless and a passionate soul who synchronized perfectly with the mission of the chairperson and the organization. she believes that learning and giving helps us discover ourselves fully.